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NEWS 06/09/2012

cinéma d'asie du sud est



The region covers over 4 million km2 and is home to around 600 million inhabitants, nearly one-tenth of the world's population. A multitude of languages, ethnic groups and religions have nurtured the emergence of diverse film cultures. The cinema of Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Brunei (only one film in 44 years for the latter) are currently at infancy stage, whereas others are clearly on the rise: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Only one, often cited as an model by the other nine, really stands out internationally: Thai cinema. It is renowned as much for its authors (with Apichatpong at the top of the list) as for its commercial success (for example the Ong Bak franchise and its string of action and Thai boxing films).

28 of the best Southeast Asian film experts and hundreds of local contacts contributed to this unique book which required a whole year of work to complete. Each country profiles comprises three articles: a history looking at the major developments of cinema in the country, from the origins to present day; a definition of the local cinema industry and its main characteristics; and a third article offering a complementary perspective of film in each country. Let's embark on a journey to gain a first appreciation of Southeast Asian cinema and put the ten countries featured in this book on the map of international cinema.

Asiexpo Edition, Asian Connection series
bilingual (french/english)
color cover
Size: 14 x 21,5 x 2,5 cm
890 g
with a dvd (2h of interviews & documentaries)
Publication: April 2012
ISBN : 978-2-9528018-5-0


Faithfulness of the documentary film
Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi 11

The Silver Screen in the Golden Land: A History of Burmese Cinema
Jane M. Ferguson 25

Filming the Real in Myanmar
Lindsey Merrison 40


Crossed eyes of the Minaret: double discourse in Gema Dari Menara
Jennifer Verraes 52


A National Cinema in Cambodia?
Annette Hamilton 66

A Short History of Cambodian Cinema
Annette Hamilton 90

Extract of The Log or Nine Tales of A Recovered Era
Davy Chou 116


"Recounting" The Birth of the National Cinema of Indonesia
Arda Muhlisiun 141

History of Indonesian Cinema
Dhani Agustinus 169

Indonesian Contemporary Film Policy
Eric Sasono 195


In search of Laotian Cinema
Thi-Von Muong-Hane 222

The Emergence of the Laotian Film Industry: A Short Overview
Panivong Norindr 241

On the tracks of film distribution in Laos )
Fanny Boulloud 253


The Malaysian Cinema: A Populace Cinema
Maszalida Hamzah 274

Malaysian Cinema in a Bottle
Hassan Abd Muthalib & Amir Muhammad 310

Exploring space, identity and belonging in independent Malaysian films
Gaik Cheng Khoo341


Philippine Cinema: a definition of sorts
Noel Vera  360

Evolutions and Devolutions in Philippine Cinema: A Brief History of Cinema in the Philippines
Rolando B. Tolentino 400

Contemporary Philippine cinema (1999-2011) and the Shawarma Fad
Jean Lewinski 357


Singapore Cinema Characteristics And Perspectives
Jan Uhde & Yvonne Ng418

One degree from the Equator: Singaporean cinema from its origins to today
Raphaël Millet444

Kiasu, kiasee metaphors of fear and alienation: images of socialised fear in Singaporean cinema
Etienne Dessaut 476


Thai Cinema: A Definition
Kong Rithdee494

A History of Thai Cinema
Bastian Meiresonne508

From a Distant Observer : An Outsider's View of Recent Thai Cinema
Peter Nellhaus528


What is Vietnamese Cinema?: An Overview
Lan Duong544

A History of Vietnamese Cinema
Philippe Dumont578

Nine challenges for Vietnamese cinema
Tran Viet Van612


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